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Ways to take care of your ring

Ways to take care of your ring

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Handmade rings usually are made from precious materials, which means that well care is 100% needed. Proper ring care could keep your handmade rings shining and stunning. Now we would like to give you some advices on caring your handmade rings. Let's keep on reading.




Take care of your ring in Public
When you hang out wearing the rings, be aware of public like washroom in the mall, the hotel room and so on. If you do remove the ring off your finger, remember to double check the ring before you leave the place.

Regularly clean your rings
Dirt and oil will make the light of gemstone faded. With time passing by, if you don't clean the ring regularly, the ring will lost its original look. Professionally Clean the 14K Metal and Try not to touch the center stone frequently. In addition, we do not suggest do the cleaning at home, you could go to the local jeweler and do the professional clean.


Keep away from Harsh Chemicals
Keep in mind that always remove your ring when cleaning or touching harsh chemicals.
Chemicals like perfume, lotion, sunscreen can add residue to the ring and gemstone, which will do harm to your handmade ring with time going.

Know when to Take if off & Store it separately
During all hand-heavy activities, you should take off your ring. For example, Cleaning dishes, moving furniture, and exercising, you should put the ring off and Store it separately.


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